Saturday, July 15, 2006


I Have A Plan To Destroy America

Richard Lamm has hit it straight on. Every step of "his plan" is going on right now in America. It's not 100% partisan either. While the Democrats are the party that is supporting this plan the most, there are many Republican Senators that are supporting this also. It's a must read for anyone who's thought about the immigration issue facing America now.

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Friday, July 14, 2006


Let's play a game.

Here's the scenario, we're going to play a game and we are going to play it on a board that has 8 squares going left to right and 8 going up/down with alternate colors in the squares..lets make them white and black. That's right it's a chessboard, so you think we are playing chess, well we are kind of. I will sit here with chess pieces on the board, you will have checkers. Now the way we play the game is by the rules of checkers, but I don't have to follow the rules of checkers or chess or any game ever played however you need to play by the rules of checkers! That means you move foward one spot at a time, but I get to jump all over the place in any direction as much as I want. I even get to have consecutive turns if I desire. In addition, the scoring is done by the judges on the sidelines. They award the points of the game based upon the rules of checkers, there are still no rules on me. The winner lives, the loser dies. Still wanna play the game? You of course, if you had any common sense would be saying "STFU, I am not playing your game with your rules".

Now let me rename the chessboard and the players. The chessboard covers the area of Iraq, Iran, Palestine, and the American border. The checker's represent Israel, American soldiers, and the future of America. The chess pieces are Islamic Jihadists, Palestinians, and anti-immigration backers. The judges are the Dimmicrats, the MSM, and the Islamic peoples.

You tell me that this analogy makes about as much sense as having a Kennedy be your designated driver! Still wanna play? Good. Let me show you some examples of one side having to play by the rules. So many great choices, not sure where to start.
These are examples of things where America has to wake up to. We simply can not win a war where we have to follow a set of rules that no one else does.
I believe in the Manifest Destiny of America, it's something I have believed in since Ronald Reagan first started speaking about how great our country was. It's something I will always believe in. The rest of the world may call it "american arrogance" but that's fine. In my opinion, if you live in a country and you DONT think it's the greatest country in the world you need to do some deep soul searching of you and your country.
We are the 1st country called upon in a world crisis. When the Tsunami hit, America was called upon for help, and criticized for not doing enough. When the genocide started in Darfur, we were called upon for help, and criticized for not doing enough.Famine and AIDS spreads through Africa, America is called upon for help, and criticized for not doing enough.
Some people around the world and here in America criticize Manifest Destiny, they call it American Colonialism or Imperialism. However, that begs this question "If America is NOT so great and is not a part of a almost mythical Manifest Destiny, then why does the world always turn to us?". We aren't the oldest civilization on the planet right now, historically speaking we are relatively young at 230 years. However, we are the "kid brother" that grew up, went to a good school and made something of himself. The relative that, while young in age, the rest of the family comes to for money, advice, and protection.
WWI and WWII Europe came to us. France came to us in Vietnam. The entire world looked to us doing the Cold War (really WWIII). Every major natural disaster, war, or health crisis America has been looked to for money, guidance and protection. We have to stand up and say "If you want to look to us for the responsibility of fixing your problems, then you also give up your right to complain about our solutions". Yet too many people here in America suffer from "American Guilt". Our nation's conscience can not seem to reconcile our greatness with the misery that goes on in the rest of the world. Look around you, read things on the web and in different forums. It's a psychoanalysts wet dream. People complaining that America has too much money, that we don't deserve to be the worlds only "super power", or that we as a nation need a comeuppance to balance out the playing field with the rest of the world! It's thought processes like this that drag us down, that weaken our resolve, and frankly it's just plain unbecoming of us.
We as American's through out all the previous generations have built a damn fine country. This was done not through the strenght of our armies, but rather through the strength of our resolve. America is a prime example of the saying "greater then the sum of it's parts". Are we perfect, is our country perfect? No, we're not. However, can you name a country overall better? Sure there are nations that beat us in this or that, however there is no saying, that I am aware of that goes "I want to live the Chinese Dream", or "Living the Russian Dream", or even "I want to move my family to another country so we can "live the European Dream". World wide it's called "the American Dream". There's a reason for that.
We, as American's need to sit up and say "Enough". Enough of the 2 sided United Nations that criticizes us, while asking for help and money. Enough of our soldiers having to play by a set of rules that the rest of the world does not live by. Enough of our American Guilt where we feel that we are not the greatest country on Earth. The way to lift the rest of the world to a higher standard of living is NOT by lowering ours. We need to steel our resolve. Stand by our values, and hold others accountable.
How would we do this? First and foremost by understanding the phrase "No greater friend, no worse enemy". Any nation or organization that does not condemn terrorism, does not condemn barbarity needs to feel our wrath. They need to feel it financially through restriction of aid, through imposition of tariffs, and possibly through military force. Any nation that does not have some form of real democracy needs to feel it also. To say "You should be a democracy" then reward a nation with foreign aid dilutes our message. The 2 most powerful forces since the end of WWII have been Democracy and free market capitalism. These are the tools we need to not only use, but to feel good about using them. We need to reward hard work and punish those who would live off our work, both here and abroad. American's need to realize that we are the greatest country on Earth, that we have the ability, nay the responsibility to help those who truly want to be helped and to punish, or at least not reward those that don't.
We need to tell the rest of the world that they can NOT change the rules midstream. Those that would hold America to one set of rules while practicing or allowing another to practice a different set should be admonished or sectioned off from what makes America great. To allow the rest of the world and some Americans to demean our accomplishments while begging for our favor must stop. We are not the teat to feed and protect the world yet get nothing back. That's not Democracy and it's not free market capitalism. It's looting, plain and simple. Right now the UN and Islam are looting our soldiers, values, and our civilization. American guilt is looting our resolve. I for one am willing to stand up and say enough. Is anyone else?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Will the ACLU defend this person?

Ok, haven't been posting too much lately. Work etc, not to mention all the crap going on over at dailykos and proteinwisdom. However, I saw this article today and wanted to toss a few thoughts out there on it. This article seemed really pertinent to me. See lately I've been debating the flag burning amendment with some conservative friends of mine. They say it's fine to burn a flag and that any restriction on it is an assault on free speech. Me personally, I believe that people could find other ways to protest and that we should protect the symbol of our nation. After all, it wasn't an ACLU charter that was raised over Iwo Jima, nor was it Clinton 08 poster that was raised at Ground Zero. It was a effing flag of our country. Now before you think that I am just gonna go off on a burn/not burn the flag tirade, I want to tell you what the link was about (cause I know that 3 outta the 5 of you who come here didn't click the link). Here's a snippet.
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. The F-B-I will look into an online video that shows two men shooting a Quran with a military rifle and then leaving the bullet-riddled holy book at a Chattanooga mosque.
Seem's some guy decided to excercise his right to free speech and protest.
The video shows the man purchasing a Quran at a bookstore, going to a wooded area and shooting the book, then throwing it on the ground outside the door of the Chattanooga Islamic center.
Now before anyone get's crazy I totally am against and condemn this part
A man on the Web site identifies himself as "mully88" and claims to live in Chattanooga. The author's profile lists as heroes (quote) "anybody that has killed a muslim or at least tried to kill a muslim." The site also contains slurs against Hispanics and blacks.
See what I find so funny is that we in America (especially groups like the ACLU and the liberal left) are so one sided in who or what they defend. Rights are only rights when they want them to be. How can any person or group be so vocal in defending the rights of one group that they trample on the rights of another? Talk amongst yourselves.
That's totally wrong, HOWEVER the FBI has no business investigating the Quran with the bullet hole part. Sure, check the guy out for hate crimes towards minorities. However, if he's caught and any part of his charges involve shooting a hole in the Quran and tossing it outside a mosque, well then I gotta ask if the ACLU will be filing briefs on his behalf? After all, all he was doing was utilizing his constitutional rights to protest against Islam.

Now before any of you start to criticize me for defending hate speech against a religion, I have to ask this. Have you protested against those who bash the "zionist state" or defended Israels right to existence or just defended the pali's who use children as shields and shoot rockets at townspeople day and night? Have you defended the right of a Christian valedictorian's right to thank Jesus at her graduation speech or defended the school who cut off her mic even though the audience wanted to hear what she had to say? (this one is for the muslim readers) Have you condemned the Islamic Jihadists when they denied Tucker and Menchaca the right not to be tortured and have their bodies desecrated or defended the people who like to bomb Iraqi children because they took candy from an US soldier? Have you defended the rights of an unborn child before they get their brains sucked out or defended the right of a woman who got too drunk to have protected sex?

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