Friday, June 16, 2006


A new direction or a fastlane to hell?

Ok, today I've been looking over the Democrats "new direction" plan. It's a new direction ok, right on a downward spiral. Here's the propaganda er plan. Let's take a look at it in some detail.My comments in yellow
    • Fix the prescription drug program by putting people ahead of drug companies and HMOs, eliminating wasteful subsidies, negotiating lower drug prices and ensuring the program works for all seniors; invest in stem cell and other medical research.
    • Hmm, can you socialistic medicine? I mean it's worked so well in other countries. Do they not understand that by making the drug companies the enemy they will actually stifle new drug research? The drug companies and HMO's will do whatever they need to do to make a profit. If that means they cut R&D then they will.
    • Crack down on price gouging; eliminate billions in subsidies for oil and gas companies and use the savings to provide consumer relief and develop American alternatives, including biofuels; promote energy efficient technology.
    • Um, what about opening ANWAR? I notice there's no mention of wind energy! What about the Dem's driving instructor Teddy Kennedy blocking a wind farm in his own backyard? The oil industry works on cycles, where were the Dem's when oil was losing money? In addition, the amount of OIL isn't the issue, it's the amount of REFINERIES that are an issue. Free market capitalism works, high oil prices will spur more and more investment in alternative energies.
    • Raise the minimum wage; repeal tax giveaways that encourage companies to move jobs overseas.
    • Ok, now lets be realistic how many people are working for minimun wage now? You know who is working for minimum wage? Teenagers and illegal immigrants. You see, the real plan for the dem's works like this. Raise the minimum wage, have small business not hire as many people thus creating less jobs, less jobs equal more people on welfare, equals more votes for the welfare party. Look here for a study on the impact of raising minimum wage. We currently are under 5% unemployment, most economists say that 5% unemployment is tantamount to full employment but the Dem's complain that wages aren't rising. You know what causes that? A cheap pool of labor flooding in from outside the country!
    • Make college tuition deductible from taxes; expand Pell grants and cut student loan costs.
    • Sure I'm ok with college tuiton being tax deductible (even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes). Let's also get rid of "affirmative action" being the deciding factor on grants. However, I think we need to also clean up our colleges. They have been invaded by the culture of liberalism and they have turned partisan. No college that has a decidedly partisan curriculum should recieved federal funds.
    • Prevent the privatization of Social Security; expand savings incentives; ensure pension fairness.
    • You know what the shame is? Dem's claimed to have "fixed" social security under why's it still a mess? For one thing, social security was never meant to be the sole support for a retiree but rather a supplement. However, Dem's have turned it into "bread and circuses" insomuch that people now depend on it. Most companies do not even offer pensions anymore, thats a red herring for non-union voters and a total pandering job to the unions. Look at the UAW and the Big 3 auto for what the combo of unions and pensions equal. The government can not even manage a DMV worth a shit, so we want to let them manage our retirement? No thank you, my individual retirement fund is up much higher then an government run plan.
    • Restore the budget discipline of the 1990s that helped eliminate deficits and spur record economic growth.
    • Their right that we need more fiscal responsibility. Let's start by cutting the pork. Then we can move to cut the costs spent on illegal immigrants. That will have an impact on several fronts, health care system costs will go down, less costs incurred by the education system, more Americans working for a higher wage. While I agree with the Dem's here I think they may look at it differently. Notice there is no "plan" here but just a slogan.
The rest of that page is the dem's whining and moaning about Bush. They listed 6 points of their plan and 7 points of BDS! They can't even balance their bitching and moaning with their plans, how they gonna balance the deficit? Their plan sounds pretty though doesn't it? However, there is no real direction in there, it's we're gonna go this way and see what happens. Pay attention, not only to their "new direction" but to the words in their plan. In a soon to be out post I will be disecting the language of the left.

Pendleton 8, at least get out of the shackles.

This article, shows that the military has pulled it's collective heads out of their asses and took the Pendleton 8 out of shackles. I posted about it here before. It's about time. Thank God for small miracles, now if we can rein in the MSM and Murtha about Haditha until a reviews been done.

Start brewing the pot of STFU

Ok, so Cynthia Mckinney got off, does that truly suprise anyone? Truly, did you expect a politican who hit a cop to be charged? For crying out loud, DC police DROVE KENNEDY HOME AFTER HE WRECKED HIS CAR DRIVING DRUNK. Remember folks, we live in a government by the people and for the people, but not in a country where the government gets judged LIKE the people. Call it the common sense test. It's a test of what should happen based upon what has happened before in similiar situations. In the past government officials have gotten off scott free of everything up to murder and it happened in DC, where the Mayor was caught on tape of buying drugs and using then but then after jail got re-elected. so who using "common sense" would of thought that Mckinney would get charged? Everyone can shut up about Mckinney now and drink a cup of STFU.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


About frickin' time!

I saw the linked title article and started looking at some other articles. Seems Israel has had enough and I mean enough of the relentless, unprovoked, and barbaric rocket attacks on it's women and children.

"Return your arsenal to your storage rooms," he advised the Palestinians.
Then he warned, "We know where each storage room is...We won't allow this violence to harm Israeli citizens."

You think that's clear enough, that the patience (scratch that, I would call it idiotic lack of harsh response) is almost over. Here's another quote from a different article.
Hanegbi warned Hamas Chairman and PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh following a barrage of Kassam rocket attacks that rained down on Sderot over the weekend, Haniyeh called off the truce that had been in effect since February 2005.
“Yassin and Rantissi are waiting for you, Haniyeh, if you implement the same stance of liquidating Jews, indiscriminate firing and suicide terror attacks aimed at paralyzing Israeli society again,” he said in an Army Radio broadcast Monday.
Now for those who don't know (I didn't I had to look it up at my favorite place for terrorist propraganda google!). Yassin and Rantissi are 2 of the founding fathers of a bastard child called Hamas. Both were sent to recieve their goats er virgins at the end of an Israeli missle. Bear in mind here, this isn't just rhetoric, it's not only a serious threat against 2 people but a threat to a country that is supporting Hamas and the international jihadist movement because Haniyeh's direct report is in Damascus, Syria. So now let's see if we got the timeline straight
  1. Pali's either fake an explosion or blame an accident on a beach in Gaza that killed civilians on the Israelis
  2. Hamas uses this as a reason to end the cease fire and starts firing lots of rockets into Israel
  3. Israeli Defense Forces start taking a proactive approach to killing those who will fire rockets.
  4. Media totally ignores all this (except when Israel hit's a civilian carrying a rocket, er wait doesn't that make them a terrorist?)
  5. Israel says, enough of this bullshit, we're going to come after the guys giving orders.
  6. Hamas leaders shit their collective pants.
  7. Hamas leader orders an immediate cessation of rocket attacks into Israel.
  8. All is quiet in Israel......WRONG
  9. 2 other members of the international jihadist movement (damn I love saying that) pledge to continue firing rockets into Israel.
Ya know I have to do a lot of business negotiations in my day job (this blogging thing is for my own mental health, I make nothing doing it and probably change no one's minds), but there's one thing I know for sure and that is "negotiate from positions of strength". This is the time that Israel needs to step up and say to Hamas and the Pali government "You will be responsible for all acts of war that come over your border into our country". You see, Haniyeh is a chicken shit and Syria wants no part of an armed conflict with Israel. So now they need to press the negotiations instead of going back to the status quo. Tell Haniyeh that if he can not control his own "citizens" that the Israeli government will pass a law making it legal for their citizens to fire rockets into Palestine. Then create the "walmart of rockets" for Israeli citizens only. You do realize that every Israeli citizen has had military training right? My cousin lives in Israel and is a beautiful young woman, but I bet she could fire the hell outta a rocket. You also realize that Israel is one of the best economies of the middle east (without oil mind you). I bet they could mass produce some really nice/accurate missles cheap and fast. Let the Israelis form "groups" and fire back and watch the MSM scream! Now I know that won't happen, but it's nice to dream. Seriously though, negotiate from strenght, Hamas is backing up. Press the negotiations hard and demand that Hamas take responsibility for missles being fired by other groups inside their borders and that they will be treated accordingly. Haniyeh's drinking a cup of STFU right now and this isn't the time to back off.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Google in cahoots with the Jihad and communists?

Before you start saying I am crazy let's take a look at some things here. First I refer you to one of the right's Godess bloggers, Atlas Shrugs here and then I refer you to this article , and this one, another one, and finally googles own search for "google censors news".

Let's break this down some (hey google, I own some stock, don't censor my site k?)
This site that google accepts as news is clearly anti-semitic and directly contradicts all the news carried on other "news sites" (I put it in "" because imo CNN and Reuters aren't really news sites). The Manar "news article" came out on 6-14 saying "Israel admits responsibility for the killing of eight Palestinian citizens in Gaza", yet Israel denies it was them shelling the palis here and here a day before. So basically google news is now endorsing as a "news site" a page that throughly goes against all the news published a day earlier! Let's dig a little deeper here. The Manar site screams the headlines saying the Israel admits their responsibility, yet look at this paragraph in the actual article
Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman, MARK REGEV said "We can only speculate and there's not enough information it's possible that we have unexploded ornaments in that area, either Palestinian or Israeli it's possible that it's mines that were planted there by Hamas to prevent Israeli military operations in the area, but that's speculation, we don't have enough evidence yet. What we can say is that the Israeli army was not responsible for that terrible tragedy."
notice anything? Thats right, Manar screams a headline claiming the Israelis admit it then puts down in the article that they are denying responsibility! WTF is this writer trying to get a job at CNN? Also when you read the Manar article it makes it look like Garlasco is totally convinced that it was Israel's fault. Yet look at this article from the day before and this quote.
But he said that even with this available evidence, some doubt remains.
"From what we know so far, it is very difficult to say with certainty whether it was dropped by Israel or laid by militants."
Ok now lets look at some of the other googleazi crap they do. Look at this article, and this article . Once again WTF! So it's ok to list Wonkette in the news when that page makes racial slurs to Michelle Malkin but if you're conservative or you post against the Islamonazi's trying to destroy Western Civilization and impose Sharia law you can't be considered news? I would post more, but Big Googlebrother might be watching.



Catchy title eh? The proof is here and here and here! For all the dimmicrats, leftards, and ACLU (Assinine Crazy Lunatics United) card carrying members get too excited I have something to tell you. The title is 100% true, but it's not about terrorists at Gitmo, nor is it another Abu Gharib style issue. It's about the Pendleton 8. 8 servicemen held in shackles, in an 8x8 cell with no charges. They can't even get pens or pencils since they might be weapons! WTF America? We treat murderous thugs in Gitmo better! Where is the press? Where is the outrage? This is an outrageous injustice yet I don't see any, and I mean ANY Senator or Rep on this, yet they can bitch and moan about Gitmo. Seriously, we all need to wake up. Contact your Senators or Rep's and make them earn their money here.

Some updates on Pali-atrocities and the rising Somalian problem

First off, greetings to readers of Atlas Shrugs and those readers from the Pirate Armada, welcome aboard mateys! Not much time this morning but saw a few articles and wanted to let people know about them since they relate to my previous posts on Somalia and Sderot.

I also wanted to give a nice cup of STFU to the New York Times because I saw this article that legally and logically rips apart their defense of "constitutional rights" to publish security leaks. Here's a part of it that I really loved.
What is meant by the liberty of the press is, that there should be no antecedent restraint upon it; but that every author is responsible when he attacks the security or welfare of the government, or the safety, character, and property of the individual.
Thats a quote from James Wilson, one of the founding fathers and a member of the original Supreme Court. I would venture to say that this guy understood what the founding fathers meant, since he was one, on freedom of the press! New York Slimes..enjoy the cup of STFU.

Now for Sderot and the palianimals, which the MSM is ignoring or worse yet when they do report libeling the IDF. First look this over, it's from which from all the articles by them I've read is pretty non-partisan and just looks at things from the viewpoints of security, analysis and terrorism. Here's the last paragraph from that article that is so telling in it's simplicity.
All the while, the incessant unguided rocket attacks into Israeli villages and on Israeli civilians near Gaza — 38 alone in a 24-hour period Tuesday — are eclipsed by media coverage of the Israeli responses that are an almost desperate attempt to stop them.
This article tears apart the claim by the pali's that the IDF was responsible for the deaths of the people on the beach. Here's a few key points
* The shrapnel. Three people wounded in the blast are now hospitalized in Israel. Shrapnel was apparently removed from their bodies, and this is likely to reinforce the conclusion that the explosion was caused by a bomb rather than a shell.
* The crater. Based on photographs, the crater left on the beach by the blast seems to have been made by an explosion from below (a mine), not a hit from above (a shell).
* Intelligence. Israel has amassed considerable information indicating that over the past few weeks, ever since Israeli commandos infiltrated Gaza and killed a rocket-launching cell, Hamas has been systematically mining the northern Gaza beach in an attempt to keep Israeli commandos from landing there again.

I have to ask, yet again, where is the public outcry over Sderot? Where is the UN, CNN and the rest of the MSM. I also have to ask, what are the Israel Defense Forces waiting on? I am a firm believer that any Democraticly elected government has ONE MAIN job and that is the defense of it's citizens. To hell with world opinion, every nation has the right to defend itself. I would say that 38 missles fired into your nation in a 24 hour period gives your country the not only the RIGHT but the DUTY to send a nice hot cup of STFU back at the aggressors.

Now for Somalia. Lets think about this. The continent of Africa is already an oozing cesspool of diseases, famine, and despots. It's the continent that has brought us Darfur and the incidents of "Blackhawk Down". The United States never had a major terroristic strike on our soil UNTIL Al-Qaeda found a safe haven in Afghanistan. Now we have Somalia and the talibanization of that country. Seriously folks, they couldn't watch an effing soccer game! People died because they wanted to watch it! Now if that doesn't just scream to you that Somalia is a taliban waiting to happen then you are truly blind. There is some hope in Somalia, once again thanks to The hope is a breakaway "statelet" called Somaliland. Too often America is like a large ship, slow to turn. We can not simply wait until the situation in Mogadishu becames the African Taliban to act.


Where's the UN and the MSM?

Saw this article and after I got done yelling at my computer (it doesn't do any good, but it's better then Dean screaming on the news). Sderot is a town in Israel that is being shellacked every day by missles and I want to know where the hell the outcry is? Where is "Human Rights Watch" decrying it? Where is the UN? Where is the MSM? Christ on a pogo stick, where is our own government? We should be talking about this left and right in the news, and quite frankly our goverment should be telling Israel that we got their back if they want to defend themselves? Could you imagine the shitstorm of biblical proportions if another country was tossing rockets in the US, Russia, China or even England? I was going to say France also, but lets be honest they would of surrendered by now! There should be a UN security council vote on this right away, and when that does absolutely nothing, which we all know that it will. Then Israel should take off the gloves and swing back and hard. It won't take long to clear out some more land there..a few IAF strikes at anything that looks like it belongs to Hamas should get the message across and fast. Israel is rapidly reaching the point where their action or lack thereof is further empowering the child murdering islamist. They need to give a nice cup of STFU to the pali's and now.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


A wise man once said

The truth is generally seen, rarely heard-Baltasar Gracian. President Bush has been steadfast in his statements of support for the Iraqi war, it's elected government, and the right of freedom for it's people. Today he stopped "speaking" the truth and showed it by his actions by going to Iraq for a war cabinent meeting. You can get all the details here, here , and here.
Our President has cahone's. Seriously. He went to meet with the cabinent of the Iraqi government and he waited until all members of the government were appointed. He then stopped speaking his support and showed it by going there. Everyone in the media were reporting that he as meeting with his "war cabinent" today in Camp David, he still did that, he just teleconferenced in from Iraq. THAT shows support for the elected government of Iraq and for it's people.
You know going there isn't the issue, and getting there safely is the easy part, no one knew he was there but getting out when people know he's there, thats the part where bravery comes into play. Now of course the real shame, and what you won't see spoken about is that he couldn't tell too many people ahead of time that he was going because let's face it, the government has more holes in it then a strainer. So for safety's sake he had to keep it quiet from the majority of his cabinent.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Update on Geno's steaks

Boohoo a bunch of people don't want to be bothered to learn "cheesesteak wit" in english. Someone start brewing a pot of STFU. I posted a few weeks ago about Geno's Steaks in Philadelphia. The original post was about Joe Vento, who hass owned and operated Geno's since 1966, putting up sign telling patrons to order in English. Now Vento, who's only practicing his first amendment rights is under "investigation" for violating the city's "Fair Practices Ordinance" (by the way, anyone who has done business with the city could tell you how much of a total CROCK that ordinance is).
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Now let's look at a few things here, first Al-Reuters, that bastion of fair and balanced reporting (for examples of what Reuters considered unbiased look here and here oh yeah and here too) calls it an "investigation". Who need's an investigation, there are pictures all over the news of Ventro with the sign, a simple trip to Geno's will confirm what the sign says and that it's hanging up. However, the word "investigation" makes it appear that Ventro might be doing something wrong! Now let's look at the sign itself, it says.
"This is America - when ordering, speak English."

Click the link for the actual sign. Right underneath that there is a very typical sign that says the "the management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone".
Let's take the 1st sign. It doesn't discriminate on basis of color, gender, ethnicity, sexual persuasion or political party. It simply says when ordering speak english. I have never seen a law that prohibits discrimination on speaking a set language (if anyone knows of one let me know, American law please). So if I, an American citizen, relatively well versed in the language here decided to walk up to the counter and say "ewrf werqewgf ewfg" they could/would refuse me service (and maybe call a pysch ward). Under that example no one would be bitching would they? I made the choice to speak gibberish and not be understood and they made the choice to say "next customer". However, because someone is another nationality and makes the CHOICE not to learn basic English the vendor should still have the right to say "next customer". No one has a problem with the sign below concerning management reserving the right but yet when management actually goes ahead and says they will enforce the right there's an issue? Seriously, someone hand these people a cup of STFU!
Now let's look at the group (actually part of city government)who is "investigating". Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations is the one currently in need of a cup of STFU (24 ounce please). Lets read this piece from their home page.
Established in 1951 under the City Charter, the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (PCHR) is the city agency that enforces civil rights laws and deals with all matters of intergroup conflict within the city.
What civil rights laws have been broken? There isn't an "intergroup" conflict either, but rather a group that has it's panties in a bunch because they couldn't be bothered to learn the basics of our language (remember we are talking about ordering a cheesesteak, not reciting Shakespeare). Ventro didn't discriminate against a racial group but rather asked for the courtesy for his English speaking employees to get their orders in English. Once again, here's your cup of STFU.
Now lets look at another section of their home page.

PCHR's Compliance Division enforces the Philadelphia Fair Practices Ordinance. Discrimination is prohibited in employment, housing, public accommodations and the delivery of City services. In employment, it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age over 40, sex, sexual orientation, disability, marital status. and gender identity. In housing, the bases are race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, physical disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, gender identity, the presence of children or an individual's source of income. In public accommodations and the delivery of City services, the bases are the same as employment except age is not covered in public accommodations. Individuals can also file retaliation complaints in employment and housing cases if they feel they have been retaliated against for either complaining about discriminatory practices or for having filed a discrimnation complaint
Excuse me, but where in there does it say that this city funded department needs to police cheesesteaks? Where does it say that the city government must now enforce the right of people to put undue stress and pressure on it's citizens by making them learn other languages to accept the food orders of customers? For that matter the question of defending someone's right to not speak the language isn't in their charter is it? What about Ventro's rights to defend what he feels is an assault on American culture? What about Ventro's employees rights not to have to fee undue stress about not being able to understand the person in front of them when there are 25 very hungry people waiting on food and complaining in English? Where the hell is the ACLU to defend Ventro's right to run his business his way? If Taco Bell decided that you had to order in Spanish to get food would these same people be complaining? Or would they say that it's the "right of the business"? Here's a nice cup of STFU to all those who think that the Ventro can't run his business his way. They don't want to learn the language then let them avoid his business, at least then the lines might be a little shorter when I go.


Let's see Katie Couric do this!

Lot of people bash Fox News for being conservative etc (really they are centrist but the rest of the media is so far left that Fox gets tagged as right wing). Whatever your view point on Fox News or the rest of the media, I can damn well tell you that you will never see Katie Couric or any of the folks at CNN go right back after this nut bag (video here) like Julie Banderas did. ***Hat tip to Atlas Shrugged for posting it check her page out!***
To give some background here. The Westboro Baptist church is the home of Fred Phelps and his degenerate pack of inbreds worthy of casting in any Texas Chainsaw movie. These are the disgusting scumbags who go to military funerals and protest the dead soldier and his/her family calling "fag lovers" etc. IMO there is no pit in hell deep enough for these inbred toothless piss poor excuses for human beings. Nice to see someone in the news go right back after them and slam them like deserve it. More and more people are taking note of this hideous form of protest and are standing up to them. The most notable group working against them are the Patriot Guard Riders, go to their page and if you can do what you can to support them!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Update on Somalia with a cup of STFU

In an earlier post on Somalia I ended it by saying that the world was waiting to see how the new "government" would handle law, would it sharia or goverment that is based on freedoms? The first signs are in, and well folks it ain't good. They can't even watch World Cup Soccer! I mean seriously, it's a damn soccer match? I could understand if they outlawed American Idol, cause well that show sucks, but soccer? By the way, notice something funny in that article? The fact that it's happening in Mogadishu isn't even mentioned until the 7th paragraph! The article is titled "Two die as Hardline Islamists ban World Cup." If the press was so concerned about freedom etc then it should of read "Hardline Islamic GOVERNMENT bans World cup on TV" or "Crazy extreme government takes away peoples freedoms to watch some TV". Both of those headlines would give more of the truth faster.
Now when the hardline nutcases grabbed control of Mogadishu they said they wouldn't impose "Taliban style law" but rather "We do not want to impose sharia law. We will accept the views of the Somalian People ." However, they then started cutting electricity to movie theatersand fired warning shots into the air over anyone watching frigging soccer! They say it corrupts the children?
Two people were wounded Saturday as the militia, which is controlled by a group of religious court leaders, broke up World Cup viewing parties by firing in the air and cutting electricity to theaters. The vice chairman of the Islamic Courts Union, Sheikh Abdukadir Ali Omar, said that was a way to prevent "corrupting the children in this Muslim community."
WTF, here's a nice hot cup of STFU. How does soccer corrupt children? Now if he said they didn't want their kids growning up to be like english soccer hooligans I might have seen their point. Let me see, hows that saying go? If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it must be a duck? So to if it restricts freedoms and kills people, sounds like the Taliban doesn't it?
Looks like there are some people still fighting look at this article. Also in that article is this statement.
"American concerns are based on misconception," he said. "They used to take information from warlords ... Islamic courts do not harbor foreign terrorists."
Where was the followup questions? Like "Does Somalia's new government reject Al-quaeda terrorism? or "Do you harbor Somalian nationals who have performed acts of terrorism in other countrys?" and this one " What is the governments stand on the Israeli-Palestine war?" I realize that Somalia has had almost 20 years of war there, but the world can not stand still while a new taliban style goverment forms. The African continent is too unstable as it stands now to allow a NEW repressive sharia touting government to form up. Hopefully some people wake up.

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