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The power of the blogosphere to catch to MSM lying

It started with this post about an article and picture concerning Haditha. Then Michele Malkin got a hold of it here. After that all hell started breaking loose! Seem's the UK Times wanted to put forth an article on Haditha and well, they really wanted to slant things to show the alleged barbarity of what happened there. What better way to do that then to show a picture of people murdered by TERRORISTS and claim it was done by the Marines! At times I wonder why Bush's approval ratings are down with:
Then I remember that the MSM doesn't want him to have high ratings, so they will slant things whatever way they can to try to paint the publics picture of him. Thank god for the blogosphere to catch the glaring lies.

Toronto terror bust

17 terror suspects and their jamboree camp were busted today. Officials say they were trying to acquire 3 metric TONS of ammonium nitrate. That's 3 times the amount that took out the Fed building in Oklahoma, so these boy's weren't playing. This is what the article says about the "suspects"
"The men arrested yesterday are Canadian residents from a variety of backgrounds. For various reasons they appeared to have become adherents of a violent ideology inspired by al-Qaida," said Luc Portelance, the assistant director of operations with CSIS _ Canada's spy agency.
Makes it sound like a bunch of kids gone bad but not directly linked to al-Qaida they just like the bomb side of al-Qaida's dogma. However, the Toronto Star list's their names and well it seems it might be more than just "adherents of a violent ideology".
*edit 6-4
Seems I'm not the only one who see's some loose usage of terminology.
. Michelle Malkin and Brendan Roy notice it too .
*end edit.
17 held on terrorism charges
A list of the adults arrested and charged with terrorism-related offences under the Criminal Code. Five youths, who cannot be named, were also charged:

1. Fahim Ahmad, 21, Toronto;
2. Zakaria Amara, 20, Mississauga, Ont.;
3. Asad Ansari, 21, Mississauga;
4. Shareef Abdelhaleen, 30, Mississauga;
5. Qayyum Abdul Jamal, 43, Mississauga;
6. Mohammed Dirie, 22, Kingston, Ont.;
7. Yasim Abdi Mohamed, 24, Kingston;
8. Jahmaal James, 23, Toronto;
9. Amin Mohamed Durrani, 19, Toronto;
10. Steven Vikash Chand alias Abdul Shakur, 25, Toronto;
11. Ahmad Mustafa Ghany, 21, Mississauga;
12. Saad Khalid, 19, of Eclipse Avenue, Mississauga
Now how did the Mounties get their men? Internet monitoring (notice the line where it's compared to the NSA wiretap program). I'm all for freedom of speech, and I don't think access to the net should ever be restricted. However, I think having said that, that the government should be allowed to go look to see what's being said in an effort to protect it's citizens. That's why things like this tick me off. I wonder if this situation is directly linked?


Freedom isn't always truly appreciated it unless you don't have it

Wow, we take for granted sometimes the freedoms we have This guy wants what we take for granted but doesn't have it. It's a popular response to scream that our freedoms are being taken away, or to call our government "oppressive", but truly we don't have an effing clue here in the USA what that means. I read this post today and quite frankly it brings me back down to earth on how good we have it, and just as important, why we must never ever relent on the protection of this country and the values we have.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Musings of a pissed off Republican

Here is the 2004 GOP platform. I'm bored and pissed off at what the party of Reagan is becoming so I wanted to offer some advice to the potential presidential candidates 2 years early.This advice is offered gratis to any pol brave enough to make it their platform.
2004 Abortion
Promote adoption & abstinence, not abortion clinic referrals.
Human Life Amendment to the Constitution.

2008: Stick to our guns. No partial birth abortions, no money to abortion clinics or to countries that will use the money to promote abortion.

2004 Civil Rights
Affirmative Access, without preferences or set-asides.
States should not recognize gay marriage from other states.
Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage.
The Patriot Act is used to track terrorist activity.
Homosexuality is incompatible with military service.
Support the advancement of women in the military.

2008: Homosexuals are fine in the military, stop being silly! Marriage is between a man and woman, that's it. Civil unions for benefit issues are fine, but let's not call it "marriage". States can make their own laws regarding the subject, not judges. Patriot Act must stay in force, only idiots forget that Freedom is not Free and must be earned.

2004 Crime
Support the death penalty.
Best way to deter crime is to enforce existing laws.

2008: Any murder that is witnessed by more then 2 people and you goto the front of the line. People get 1 appeal that must be filed within 90 days of the 1st conviction. Some innoccent people might get executed, but lets face no omellete was ever made without breaking some eggs. Any death row inmate who is past 2 appeals currently on Death Row should contact a priest and get ready for some "bye bye medicine". Break the law, goto jail, mandatory sentences must be enforced, judges who do not follow them must be punished. Child molester's get 10 years hard time the 1st time, 2nd time they go to the front of the execution conga line.

2004 Drugs
Jail time and school drug testing deters drug use.
2008: Mandatory jail time. Minor's caught selling drugs, and the parents do the time. The drug problem among minors is directly related to the amount of parenting.
2004 Education
Promote school choice and home-schooling.
Support voluntary student-initiated prayer in school.
2008: School vouchers immediately for any parent thats wants them. Parent's who home school their children do not pay school taxes. Teachers Unions must be held responsible for the performance of their members. If any school district does not meet mandated minimun education requirements then the Unions pay the fine. Teachers Unions are forbidden to be involved in any PAC's, our schools need to be free of political bias.
2004 Energy & Oil
No Kyoto, no mandatory carbon emissions controls.
2008: Kyoto protocols are not to be signed. ANWAR is opened up to drilling and every oil company will be required to open up 1 new refinery within the US borders. All companies that are caught with "willful neglience" dumping chemicals is pay for the cleanup as well as a 1,000,000.00 per pound fine. The case will be decided by a panel of independent arbiters.
2004 Environment
Private property ownership key to environmental agenda.
Cap-and-trade market-based air pollution reductions.
2008: No changes except Eco-terrorists are to be tried under the same laws as foreign terrorists.
2004 Families & Children
Families are the cornerstone of our culture.
2008: Families ARE the cornerstone of our culture and as such, parents MUST be held responsible for the acts of their children. Children who commit crimes and are over the age of 16 must be required to attend a "boot camp" to learn discipline.
2004 Foreign Policy
Nations that support terrorism are just as guilty. A global coalition has broken al Qaeda cells.
The Pakistan government working with US to fight terror. Saudi Arabia has joined the War on Terror. Iraq is now becoming an example of reform. Libya's munitions have been destroyed.
Iraqi government has gained broad international support. Pursue a comprehensive strategy against WMD proliferation. Applaud the success in mobilizing international cooperation.
The Broader Middle East Initiative spreads democracy. Provide new strategies to help poor nations. Objectives of assistance and the strategies must change.
2008: All foreign aid is immediately ended. Nations can reapply for American aid and acceptance will be based upon proof of friendship to America. They must also have some form of democratic government, America does not support dictators in any shape or form. We do not reward our enemies with our tax dollars. Any nation found to be supportive of terrorism against American citizens is to have immediate economic sanctions placed against them.
2004 Government Reform
Stop activist judges from banning Pledge & Ten Commandments.
2008: Judges are not to make law. They are to decide if a law is constitutional. Immediate referendums in any state where a judge has banned the Ten Commandments.
2004 Gun Control
Open more public land to hunting.
No frivolous gun lawsuits, no gun licensing.
2008: Any lawsuits deemed to be frivolous opens up the plantiff to immediate determination of penalties. The Federal government will make no law concerning gun control. That power is left in the hands of the state and local governments. Any laws passed by elected officials at the state or local level are not to be overturned by judges unless found to be unconstitutional.
2004 Health Care
Government-run universal health care leads to inefficiencies. Ethical research yes; embryo cells no; cloning no. ABC for AIDS: Abstinence, Be faithful, Change behavior. No assisted suicide.
2008: No government run public health care, we have all seen how good public housing is. Ethical research yes.
2004 Homeland Security
Bush has kept the charge to protect our country. Bush has implemented biodefense measures. Bush and Congress have been careful to protect liberties. Keep our homeland safe by taking action on multiple fronts. Keep our homeland safe by taking action on multiple fronts.
Establish minimum safety requirements at chemical plants. Greatly increase the federal bioterrorism budget. Recapitalize and enlarge the Coast Guard's fleet. Break down the wall between intelligence and law enforcement. Support to create a National Intelligence Director position. Establish a National Counterterrorism Center. Provided Arm Forces better pay, treatment, and training. Cover all basic housing costs for average service members.
Increased funding for VA health care. Equip our nation to fight 21st Century adversaries.
Provide $10 billion to defend from ballistic missiles.
2008: America will have a proactive Homeland Security Department. NSA wiretaps are legal on international calls into the US and can be checked for terrorism threats. Our Millitary gets an immediate 5% raise across the board. VA healthcare is to be 100% funded. ROTC is allowed on any campus that accepts government funds in any way.
2004 Immigration
Only legal immigrants, through tightly controlled borders.
Amnesty encourages illegal immigration.
Use biometric data to better track foreign travelers.
2008: Build the fence. Strong fences make good neighbors. National Guard patrols the border in co-existence with Border Patrol. 100% federal tax break for any private citizen who builds a fence on their property that borders Mexico or Canada. Break into the country illegally and get deported. Raise the caps on legal immigration. English is the national language and a level of proficiency must be passed for citizenship. Break the law while here on a work visa and you do not get a 2nd chance. companies that are found to employ illegal aliens must pay a 10,000.00 fine for each week they employed that person.
2004 Principles & Values
We saw the spirit of courage and optimism on 9/11.
2008: School children must be taught the importance of that day. It is a day that is never to be forgotten while America exists.
2004 Technology
Support do-not-call and do-not-email lists.
2008: Agreed, in addition the internet is the ultimate expression of free speech and is to remain so. America must reassert itself in the area of technology, grants are to be provided for every school to install computers and teach our children to use technology. Internet companies are to submit bids to provide any city with a population greater then 25,000 high speed internet for every citizen at a cost+ 10%.
2004 War & Peace
Terrorists seek weapons of mass destruction to kill us. Shrink the space in which the terrorists can operate. Total and complete destruction of terrorism is needed. Afghanistan is liberated and the American people are safer. Saddam had capability to reconstitute his weapons programs.
2008: We strike any terrorists that seek to harm us BEFORE they harm us. While Islam claims to be a religion of peace it has not proven itself so. Until it does then it is not profiling to check every Muslim before they board a plane. Countries that support terrorism are to have sanctions against them. If the UN does not announce sanctions then the US will do it. We also will impose tarriffs on any country that does business with a nation to be found supportive of terrorism. These sanctions are to also be imposed on any nation where they relegate to second class citizens anyone based on religon or gender.
2004 Welfare & Poverty
Faith-based welfare grants equal with secular groups. Move more welfare recipients off the welfare rolls.
2008: Welfare is to be based on a definitive time period. Work can be provided for anyone who can not find it. We have streets that need cleaning, parks that need taken care of. There will be plenty of jobs vacated when we clean up the illegal immigrants. The Federal Government will assist anyone desiring to move to a location that has these jobs available. This will be funded by the health care savings from deporting the illegal immigrants.

Short people get no respect, and neither do the laws sometimes

Saw this on Blonde Sagacity (blonde, beautiful and brainy, what more can you ask for) (fixed link) and I was absolutely speechless for about 5 minutes! I mean really, you don't have to goto jail if you're very short in Nebraska? WTF? You know it's really bad when the All Criminals Love Us doesn't even have a comment on it.

The judge's reasoning confounded Amy Miller, legal director for the Nebraska chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

"I have never heard of anything like this before," she said.

Seems the guy was tall enough to have sexual contact with a 12 year old over the span of months but is too short to goto jail, I'm still speechless. That is even more brillant judicial manipulation then the chewbacca defense! The more I think about this the more I want to know how tall the judge is, and can we send him to jail instead of this pervert. Maybe this paragon of judicial intelligence should allow this guy to spend his probation living with the judge? Everyone should feel free to state their disgust with this judge and drop her a line.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Just some random rants

I was just making the rounds to some different websites and have a few random rants here.'tB.eSerious news report. So the intrepid reporters at CBS have come up with a new groundbreaking report! These are the same people that brought you MemoGate and lessons in headline altering. Now we have a reporter wondering why their aren't "more protests" to the war in Iraq? I think there is plenty of protests going on about the war. What we aren't seeing is more protesting of the behadings, tortures in Syria of Kurds, or fake rape photos to infuriate the people in the middle east? Where's the 24/7 press coverage of people being killed because they showed a damn cartoon of Mohemmad? Here are the cartoons. It's funny how the press will scream about freedom of the press, and freedom of speech unless they risk inflaming Islam and it's religion of peace culture. It's really funny that the largest media outlet railing against the entire cartoon furor was south park and Comedy Central editted that (tho not the shots of Jesus shitting on everyone). Isn't it ironic that freedom of the press and speech only relates to bashing christianity and republicans, try bashing Islam and see what happens in the news.

This is a program I can get behind, and in fact will be utilizing to make Arlen Specter realize my discontent with his support of amnesty. It really get my blood boiling the more I read about the senate's plan on immigration and it makes me envious of the good people of Alabama and their Senator Jeff Sessions (his grades on immigration).

Oh yeah, cross reuter's off the list of "unbiased media". I'm sure they won't report this.

That's all the rants for right now, but I'm sure there will be more to come.


Semper Fi

Murtha and his Haditha proclamations be damned! Their are some tough ass marines out there. While the early "reporting" on Haditha looks damning (and I for one want the book thrown at these guys IF they are found guilty in a court, not the newspapers or Murtha's mind)
we have to remember that this is an incident not the entire tale of the USMC.

Here are a few things that the Marines haven't been "accused" of in Iraq and maybe are some of the things that the MSM and Murtha should go accuse them of!

I just think it's important to remember that we can't prejudge based upon the media nor the comments of one Moonbat. I guess "innocent until proven guilty" doesn't count if the media decides you are guilty.

Steak Nazi!

Joseph Vento, owner of Geno's Cheesteaks, here in Philly has made a stand. Seems here that Joey is tired of people just pointing at things and grunting when they order. I ahve to admit there's been times I've been there that my mouth was watering so bad I almost lost control of my ability to speak but I've always been able to mumble the words enough to get my point across. For the last 6 months there has been a sign at Geno's that says

Joseph Vento, whose grandparents came from Italy, insists that customers at Geno's Steaks order in English. "Why should I have to bend?" he says.
PETER TOBIA / Inquirer
Joseph Vento, whose grandparents came from Italy, insists that customers at Geno's Steaks order in English. "Why should I have to bend?" he says.

He's even gone so far as to drive around the neighborhood using the PA system on his car denouncing the local business who hire illegal immigrants. I gotta say, I'm impressed, the area Geno's is in, while known as "little italy" is home to thousands of hispanics and Joey here is running the risk of ticking off a lot of customers. However, he's making a stand on what he thinks is right, and I for one support him. Think I will show my support by running down there real soon to grab a "cheesteak with".

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Tired of waiting?

Tired of waiting for the next lunatic inspired MSM spread Bush conspiracy? No longer want to wait till some moonbat forgets to take their prozac and starts spouting conspiracy theories? Click here and get it on your own! Feel free to post the craziest things you get back.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Sometimes you gotta take matters into your own hands

Just read this, and I've got to say I'm impressed. The Minutemen are not only talking the talk but they are walking the walk. Illegal immigration is one of the biggest challenges to the long term health of our country facing us today. In an article from 2004 the costs were 10.5 billion in California alone!

Some would say this is just people crying wolf and that it's really a battle between "hard line conservatives" and "compasionate conservatives".
It's a much bigger issue then pitting hard liners vs. compassionate people and it's affecting alot more then just the southwestern states. People need to wake up to some of the underlying issues surrounding the immigration problem.

  1. Massive drain on our healthcare system.
  2. Wage deflation, there are no jobs that American's won't do, only wages we won't work for.
  3. Security issues, both terrorism related and the idea that if we grant people a free pass on breaking the law once they are more willing to do it again.
  4. Reconquista or Aztlan The land in question isn't some worthless stretch of land, but rather California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas! Sure, we spend trillions of dollars building it up and then we will give it back to you! These lands are so important to the well being of the USA that it staggers the mind. We are talking about our western ports, oil fields, and an incredible amount of food production.

What's causing all of this? Well, simply put it's effective and INEFFECTIVE political leadership.
The effective leadership is being done by Vicente Fox who realizes his country is cannot support all of it's population (10% of Mexico's population has illegally immigrated into our country). He has gone so far as to have the Mexican government help people on their breaking and entering in the country. The ineffective leadership is being done by our own United States Senate. The Senate bill is a travesty, it is basically an amnesty bill for 10 million or so criminals who have broken into our country, stolen identities, and some have secret plans to try to take over key pieces of our nation. I think on this weekend that we are honoring our veterans we have to take a moment to think about folks like the Minutemen who are trying to also protect the freedoms and values that have made our country so great.

Funny, I always thought we were Americans

Ok today while surfing around I came across this interesting op-ed piece.

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">

Now the person starting all this hoopla is a person by the name of Karen Todorov who said in an email to Michigan teachers

"I have promised teachers that we would delete the use of American [when we are really ONLY referring to the United States] from the GLCEs (grade level content expectations) so that everything is consistent and correct as soon as it was feasible."

So of course you're thinking, who cares what Molly McMoonbeam says? However, Todorov is not just any tinfoil hat wearing moonbeam but rather a member of which is the group really deciding the social studies program in Michigan.

Here you have her trying to backpedal on her comments:

Now I don't know about anyone else, but I refer to myself as an American and I think that if someone referred to an "american" in another country they would presume that the person being talked about was from the USA, not Cuba/Bolivia/Canada etc! What we've got here is yet another ivory tower assault on the things that this country was built on. Isn't it a bit stupid to try to change 200+ years of recorded history, yet that attempt is going on as we speak and this is just one example of it (more to come in a later post on that). Chetly Zarko, a free lance investigative writer in Michigan had this to say Second, the adjective "America" need not be an "appropriation" of everything that that adjective represents. If Ms. Todorov would recall her grammar (and/or math/logic) classes, rather than university ethnocentrism classes, she would realize that is possible call a flower pretty without saying that all other flowers are by default not pretty. The fact that the vernacular term "America" has become shorthand for United States of America is not logically reflective of anything else. Should the noun "Americans" become "United Statesans"? It's obvious the reason for this shorthand was not ethnocentricism, but rather linguistic convenience.

There is a strong sentiment of extreme liberalism, political over-correctness and outright socialism running through our school systems these days. For the last few decades it has been primarily focused on colleges across the nation, but those students have graduated and moved out into the world. Now it is starting to affect different school systems. It's a systematic approach to destroy the foundations of our country's origins.

1. 1st weaken the elementary/primary education systems by restriction of things that can be taught there and releasing teachers/education system from any responsibility for the knowledge of the children taught.
2. These kids graduate and come to college's basically with no ability for free thought or logic skills.
3. Imprint on these kids an extreme brand/mix of socialism/liberalism. Imparting into them an almost guilt at being citizens of the most prosperous land in the world. Teach them that anything that is good for America is bad for the world and must be stopped. Tell them that their shortcomings aren't "their fault" but rather the fault of "the system" and then set them back out in the world.
4. These students become the teachers/lawyers/politicians of tomorrow and will pervert the faiths and ideals the nation was built on further weakening the foundations of the nation.
5. Repeat as needed.

What are your children being taught?

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