Saturday, July 22, 2006


Woot! I hit the trifecta!

So after I made this post a person named Le Penseur Islamique posted that I hit the "trifecta of hate"! This all started after I said this in defense of My Pet Jawa and Admiral Bluto and of course an tongue-in-cheek attempt to get banned in India.

Islamique (is that a muslim perfume?) said
The odious bloggers at Jawa Report seem to have spoken too soon about the Indian government ban. The vile Dread Pundit Bluto has been forced to dash their vain hopes of escape from just punishment.
With my response being:
Ahoy scurvy dogs. Consider this a shot across your bow, the next one will land midship. Jawa and Admiral Bluto are excercising the rights of Free Speech to alert the world of the hateful cult of Allah. For 1300 years Islam has been trying to take over the world and impose Sharia and get the right to molest children like Mohammed did with his child bride, what makes you think you can now?

Sticking with my membership in the Pirate Armada, and defense of the Admiral's right to free speech I went with a more pirate motiff. That defense of course led to my hitting the "trifecta" and Islamique said:

I accuse him of three things:
1. Misrepresenting the nature of Islam, a peaceful religion.
2. Resorting to the ancient, xenophobic conspiracy theory that Muslims are trying to take over the world. A scurrilous charge which is also levelled against Jews by all kinds of anti-Semites.
3. Misrepresenting the traditions about the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and distorting Islamic religious custom and tradition in general. A tactic also used by anti-Semites against Jews and the Talmud.

Those of you who come here and know me irl know that I really don't like not to respond to things of this of course I had to fire back (which I warned him I would do in my original comment) with this:
You accuse me? No sirrah I accuse the radical elements of Islam, specificially the Shia muslims who kill the Sunni’s in Iraq. Islam is not a peaceful religion as practiced by a growing number of Muslims. Explain to me these things.
1) The death of over 3000 people in America on 9-11
2) The murders of innocents on the transit systems in Spain, Britain and India.
3) That just for the week of 7/9 to 7/15 that the “religion of peace” accounted for the deaths of 589 people and the wounding of 1178 people around the world as reported at
4) Mohammed’s child bride. Does this site Sirrah, promote or condemn the fact that Mohammed was a child molester who married at 6 and consumated the marriage with a 9 year old child?
5) The Islamic belief that Sharia should be the law of the world?
6) The right of the jews to exist in Israel? That land was Israel’s in the time of Abraham, 4000 years before Mohammed.
7) Freedom of speech, do you support the basic right of people to have this freedom?
Sirrah, do you condem or congratulate those who make their points by the attacking of women and children. Do you condemn when Islamic Jihadists use women and children as shields? The silence of moderate muslims is deafening. The faces of Islam are Ahmedinejad, Nasrallah, Bin Laden, Zarqawi etc. Perception is often reality, if you condemn them, then take a stand and say so, if you agree with them, then take a stand and do so. Silence gives the impression of acceptance, evil wins when good pirates stand by and do nothing and I will not do that
After a little back and forth he responds to my comment on another his posts with this:
  1. Le Penseur Islamique Says:
    LoganNphilly: I am working on a retort to your Muslim baiting accusations - a special post just for you will appear soon.
Of course I am eagerly awaiting this, the cannons are loaded, the wicks are ready to be lit and there will be a broadsides fired. 230 years ago the Founding Fathers refused to back down against tyranny. In the 8th Century Charles Martel refused to back down from jihad. There are other examples..some fought with swords, others with guns but many have stood in the gap against the onslaught of Islam. In the 21st century members of the blogosphere can do no less then those before us, though our weapons be words still we will stand like those before us.

You can also add "pork inciter" to your long list of crimes.
I hope this guy knows what a mine field he is trying to dance in.....
MMMM pork. I can go for a nice bacon, pork roll, sausage sammich.
dear Muslim baiter LoganNphilly: My new co-blogger has posted the first part of his response to your hate filled accusations. I think he ripped you a new one, pork enticer!
yeah I read his post, it's got about the same substance as a Kennedy's morals. Nice try, but he's got nothing and I mean nothing. Go back to the drawing board, get a ham sammich and pull the koran from the cat litter box and come back when he posts something that has some semblance of logic etc. Oh yeah, he makes you out to be a gay man who services the warriors of the it true? lol Peace Be Unto Me.
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