Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Will the ACLU defend this person?

Ok, haven't been posting too much lately. Work etc, not to mention all the crap going on over at dailykos and proteinwisdom. However, I saw this article today and wanted to toss a few thoughts out there on it. This article seemed really pertinent to me. See lately I've been debating the flag burning amendment with some conservative friends of mine. They say it's fine to burn a flag and that any restriction on it is an assault on free speech. Me personally, I believe that people could find other ways to protest and that we should protect the symbol of our nation. After all, it wasn't an ACLU charter that was raised over Iwo Jima, nor was it Clinton 08 poster that was raised at Ground Zero. It was a effing flag of our country. Now before you think that I am just gonna go off on a burn/not burn the flag tirade, I want to tell you what the link was about (cause I know that 3 outta the 5 of you who come here didn't click the link). Here's a snippet.
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. The F-B-I will look into an online video that shows two men shooting a Quran with a military rifle and then leaving the bullet-riddled holy book at a Chattanooga mosque.
Seem's some guy decided to excercise his right to free speech and protest.
The video shows the man purchasing a Quran at a bookstore, going to a wooded area and shooting the book, then throwing it on the ground outside the door of the Chattanooga Islamic center.
Now before anyone get's crazy I totally am against and condemn this part
A man on the Web site identifies himself as "mully88" and claims to live in Chattanooga. The author's profile lists as heroes (quote) "anybody that has killed a muslim or at least tried to kill a muslim." The site also contains slurs against Hispanics and blacks.
See what I find so funny is that we in America (especially groups like the ACLU and the liberal left) are so one sided in who or what they defend. Rights are only rights when they want them to be. How can any person or group be so vocal in defending the rights of one group that they trample on the rights of another? Talk amongst yourselves.
That's totally wrong, HOWEVER the FBI has no business investigating the Quran with the bullet hole part. Sure, check the guy out for hate crimes towards minorities. However, if he's caught and any part of his charges involve shooting a hole in the Quran and tossing it outside a mosque, well then I gotta ask if the ACLU will be filing briefs on his behalf? After all, all he was doing was utilizing his constitutional rights to protest against Islam.

Now before any of you start to criticize me for defending hate speech against a religion, I have to ask this. Have you protested against those who bash the "zionist state" or defended Israels right to existence or just defended the pali's who use children as shields and shoot rockets at townspeople day and night? Have you defended the right of a Christian valedictorian's right to thank Jesus at her graduation speech or defended the school who cut off her mic even though the audience wanted to hear what she had to say? (this one is for the muslim readers) Have you condemned the Islamic Jihadists when they denied Tucker and Menchaca the right not to be tortured and have their bodies desecrated or defended the people who like to bomb Iraqi children because they took candy from an US soldier? Have you defended the rights of an unborn child before they get their brains sucked out or defended the right of a woman who got too drunk to have protected sex?

Did you know that is a freedom of speech in the US to burn our flag, but that it is a hate crime to burn the flag of another country. Now that is messed up.
Yeah, but try to burn the flag of Iran or North Korea as a protest..the ACLU WILL NOT defend you.
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