Thursday, July 20, 2006


What do I have to do to curry disfavor?

Seems the Indian's, no not the ones with the fancy casinos but rather the ones who seem to think censorship will stop their transit system from going BOOM are banning websites. There are 17 websites that are banned from Indian ISP's now, most of them are banned due to the willingness to stand up to the International Islamic Jihad going on against civilization right now.
One of my favorite sites, The Jawa Report is among the banned, and the leader of the Pirate Armada the scourge of Kos, the terror of the internet seas, the infamous Dread Pundit Bluto has declared a blogihad on them for it. This raises 3 questions to me. 1) Why is Jawa only #2? Dammit the man works hard and if you're going to ban him at least make him the #1 banned site. 2) What can I do to get banned in India? 3) Is the Indian government so in fear of their muslim population that they want to practice the ostrich defense?
I want to look at questions 2 and 3. Not much can be done about question one, except for The Jawa Report to keep chipping away at the brick wall of stupidity that exists among the masses today. As to why I am not banned, well for a brief moment I was, all of blogspot was. Now it's just a few blogspot bloggers that are banned and I feel left out. Where the hell is the ACLU to defend my right to be banned, are they too busy defending NAMBLA and trying to destroy Christianity?
Now while I haven't done anything as bad as this but it's not for lack of trying but rather time and creativity. I have done this audio post, and this post singing about Zarqawi, I also said this in a recent reprint of an old post I made in may.
Arabic DisneyWorld anyone? Plenty of parking on the glass parking lots! E rides come with their own hazmat suits! Perhaps this might be a good time to "ahem" dispose of some of our nuclear material, how about here?
but it's no where near as good, and I haven't had time to do more voice posts, but soon I will! See what I'm going to do is quit my job, have the ACLU sue the government because I am too afraid to use the phone or use my bank accounts cause Bushitler is watching me (Hi W!). Then I will take that money and sit home all day doing nothing but making fun of Islam and it's child molesting prophet Mohammed. Maybe break out some crayons and paint and work on pictures of Mohammed wearing a crucific and a yamaka using the Koran as toilet paper while eating a giant pork sandwich! Yep, that's what I am going to do. That should take care of question 2 and get me banned, if not I can think of a few more things.
As to questions 3. The Indian Government is falling prey to the same school of thought (or lack thereof) that has been prevalent in the EU for sometime. This can lead to nowhere good. You see Islam does not tolerate other religions and well India is about 80% Hindu and 14% Islam with a mix of a bunch of other things. 14% sounds about exactly where Islam wants to be to start the jihadist takeover. You see, they always want to have enough to do terrorist operations, but never enough for pitched battles. They also can easily run to Pakistan to hide which is something terrorists love to do..lob some bombs and run like hell, preferably to a civilian population center. India also has to deal with the Kashmir situation. Kashmir is an area that has been under dispute between India and Pakistan for sometime. This is perfect for the jihadist..a place of some racial strife to drive the wedge. India's response to this makes perfect sense. Ban bloggers! They are pissing off muslims and we might lose more of our trains! Vishnu no! How will we continue our exportation of cab drivers and Dunkin Donut's owners if we do not have our trains running? For a nation that is such a hub of technology it's pretty damn stupid at times. If you want to help out the blogosphere contact the Indian Embassy here and either ask them to ban me or release the ban on these 17 bloggers!
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