Thursday, July 20, 2006


More on South America

Back in the beginning of June I wrote a post on Hugo Chavez and some things going on in South America that we should be worried about here in America. Here's the link to that post. I saw this article and wanted to just post an update on Hugo and what he's doing.
"The different branches of government appear to have a strategy to weaken the work of the independent press," IAPA President Diana Daniels of The Washington Post Co., told a press conference. "We are worried that, far from improving press conditions in the country, freedom could be further restricted before and after the election."
And this.
Criminal investigations involving several Venezuelan journalists _ most of them outspoken Chavez critics _ seem aimed at intimidating the media, said Marroquin, publisher of Prensa Libre of Guatemala.
This is especially concerning with Presidential elections coming up and America's focus turned towards North Korea and the middle east. This is an area along with Somalia that we must not lose focus on. We are in a world war that has many fronts.

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