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More on Ahmedinejad end of times beliefs

Way back on May 23rd I wrote a post at my 1st blogging attempt on another blog, to discuss Ahmedinejad and some of his crazier religous beliefs. In it I compared what was going on (and still is) to WW2 and Chamberlains Folly with Hitler. All things being what they are now, I am going to copy that post and place it here with some new commentary and other links.
Have we learned nothing from Chamberlain
First the background on Chamberlain.

Here's what is making me ask that question.

And of course, Ahmadinejad's response is:
This really shouldn't suprise anyone with internet access and the knowledge on how to work a search engine. Ahmadinejad's a crazy mfer. See I read a lot of blogs and have heard a lot of liberals etc. talking about Bush being some sort of religous zealot and well I wanted to do some research on zealots and such stuff. Seems Ahmadinejad is a firm believer in something called the "12th Imam".
But hey, we're a country founded on freedom of religion etc. so let the guy believe what he wants right? Sure he is, but lets look at some of his other crazy ideas.
See what we have here is a failure to have brain cells communicate on this continent. This man is Hitler in a turban, but instead of U2 boats he has or soon will nukes. He also is a believer that he can usher in the return of one of his religions prophets if he brings chaos to the world! Ya know, we here tolerate alot of crazy people, and in some cases even vote them into office, but this is kind of too far for even us isn't it? Let's be realistic, all this guy has to do to start a massive war is lob a few missles at Israel and no amount of foreign aid from us to them will stop a yiddish shitstorm of retaliation! Arabic DisneyWorld anyone? Plenty of parking on the glass parking lots! E rides come with their own hazmat suits! Perhaps this might be a good time to "ahem" dispose of some of our nuclear material, how about here?
I think what really burns me up is that you never see the MSM talk about this guys wacky leanings or beliefs? It's all "negotiations continue with Iran" and not "The world continues therapy sessions for the wack job out in the dessert". We need to realize the oceans doesn't protect us anymore and we need to break out the STFU stick on some people. We can surely tolerate wackjobs leading countries..but cmon folks, can we tolerate them having nukes too?

Yeah, was a touch long winded then, but thought all the links needed to be in there for background info. Now what we are seeing is more proof that Ahmedinejad's religous beliefs are directly guiding much of the chaos going on today. Look at this post from Atlas of AtlasShrugs (one of the babes of the blogosphere imo).
President Ahmadinejad has refused so far to respond to proposals from the U.S., EU, Russia and China on the UN Security Council to cease Iran's relentless quest for nuclear enrichment and weapons development program until August 22nd. Why August 22nd? Because August 22nd, coincides with the Islamic date of Rajab 28, the day the great Salah El-Din conquered Jerusalem.
Now I don't know the Islamic calendar, so I hope for minds wiser then mine to confirm that, but it does make sense to me. Utilize Occam's Razor (Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily) here, and follow the most direct line of thought. Also look at this post by Iraq The Model (excellent blog from an Iraq viewpoint) about Sadr and what is going on in Iraq right now.

I'm not going to claim I know exactly what Hizbollah's or Hamas's hidden motives are because I don't live there but I know about those of the regime in Iran and its arm in Iraq; both Ahmedinejad and Sadr are devout believers in the 'Savior Imam' of Shia Islam who is the 12th grandson of prophet Mohammed, also known by the name 'Imam Mehdi' hence the name of Sadr's militias 'the Mehdi Army'.
I think more of the world needs to understand what we are dealing with in Iran. There has to be a shift in diplomatic strategy and negotiations. I hope that the State Department is fully aware of not only Ahmedinejad's religous beliefs but the dates that go with it and who else is also a believer in that strain of Islam.

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