Friday, July 07, 2006


Ahh the unbending wisdom and gentility of the left

So. Occasionally I go and read the Daily Kos, ya know for shits and giggles. You see this thread here is a really good example of how Bush just can't win. We invade Iraq, all the moonbats and leftards start screaming that we didn't use enough diplomacy (yeah the years of UN resolutions, , we didn't have enough Allies (believe it was about 40 countries at one point), and on and on. Now we are faced with another lunatic despot,one with nukes thanks to Slick Willy Clinton and Madeline Al(notso)bright. So what's Bush do, he goes out and uses diplomacy with Russia, China, Japan, and South Korea. North Korea fires some missles, but does the supposedly warmongering Bush send in the troops? No, he uses more diplomacy. You would think that he would get some credit from the left. Yeah right sure. Lets look at some of the comments on the DailyKos. These are actual comments left on the Daily Kos website.

W IS that stupid (0 / 0)

That's the problem. And no one will tell him so to his face. Gawd


and a power crazed vice president with a whole stable of sycophants and all of our resources tied down in Iraq where there was no problem before we invaded.
Wow, you've got to hand it to Bush. No one fucks things up better than him.


Can you see any other recent president having difficulty getting the world to condemn North Korea? (my note, Bush could take the Clintonian route and just give him more nukes).

Poor Bush is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't. The left won't give him credit for any positives that happen with the North Korea situation. All in all the Daily Kos is a funny read, if they had a print edition, it would be good bathroom reading (and spare TP), until then we always have the NY Times!

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