Friday, June 09, 2006


Zarqawi's last message for all

Click the link, if it doesn't work go here.
Achmed and Akbar have called, they are very proud and agree 100%
Hilarious, and good link. You might want to drop off the #trackback extension. There's permalinks and trackbacks that do different things.

You can put a trackback (a permalink to one of YOUR posts that you want to promote) on my blog's daily Open Trackback. You will probably have to use Wizbang!'s stand alone trackback pinger (see my blog for link). It's a good way to get publicity for your blog.

All the best,
D. Ox
Thanks, I'm really new to the entire blogging thing and still learning about it all. The whole trackback/permalink thing is something I haven't read enough on to get a good hang of yet.
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