Monday, June 19, 2006


Yeah, so how that work out for you?

So, I read this article over at Lgf and was wondering why we aren't seeing it all over the news. Then I realized, that outside of the conservative blogosphere and President Bush's (when he gave the speech calling it an "International Jihadist Movement" after his Iraq visit), no one else seems to be able to see it. Perhaps it's a case of Chamberlainitis or an ostrich-defense strategy? So let's take a look at some examples of how appeasement has worked in Thailand. Below is a timeline of some events and the policies taken to combat it.
  1. Violence started in 2001 with a lot of policemen killed and over 50 insurgency related incidents (from wikipedia: South Thailand insurgency). Thailand's Prime Minister's response "I don't think religion was the cause of the problems down there because several of the policemen killed were Muslim."
  2. Then let's bomb them with love, peace and goodwill. This event happened in December of 2004.
  3. Well now, they've applied the liberal principles of Deny and Hug, so it must of worked right? Here's some examples of how Denial and Hug worked out here and here oh yeah and here (notice all the progressing dates of the articles).

So what you say, who cares about Thailand? We all should, what you need to remember is the pervasive side of the Islamic Jihadists. It's a movement (I will no longer call it a religion because it is more cultlike then anything else) that believes it has a divine right to spread and conquer. Look at the this map and what you will see is the close proximity to some countries whose histories have been anything but stable i.e. Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia. The problem we are really facing here in America is that we are stuck in the "denial" step of things. We call them "insurgents", we act like the only place the Islamic Jihadists are trying to take over are in Afghanistan and Iraq and ignore the fact that this hydra has many heads (Israel,Somalia and Thailand to name 3 others) and are determined to spread and cause instability in the hopes of conquest. The GWOT (global war on terror) needs to change it's tact and voice. We need to stop calling it the GWOT and call it what it is, a war of ideas,values, and freedom against the Islamic Jihadist movement. We have to fight this war, not only on the streets of Iraq or the mountains of Afghanistan, but in other smaller countries as well. In addition, we need to be vigilant and demand that the news media provide better coverage of this and calls it what it is a war on Freedom by an Islamic Jihadist Movement.
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