Tuesday, June 13, 2006


A wise man once said

The truth is generally seen, rarely heard-Baltasar Gracian. President Bush has been steadfast in his statements of support for the Iraqi war, it's elected government, and the right of freedom for it's people. Today he stopped "speaking" the truth and showed it by his actions by going to Iraq for a war cabinent meeting. You can get all the details here, here , and here.
Our President has cahone's. Seriously. He went to meet with the cabinent of the Iraqi government and he waited until all members of the government were appointed. He then stopped speaking his support and showed it by going there. Everyone in the media were reporting that he as meeting with his "war cabinent" today in Camp David, he still did that, he just teleconferenced in from Iraq. THAT shows support for the elected government of Iraq and for it's people.
You know going there isn't the issue, and getting there safely is the easy part, no one knew he was there but getting out when people know he's there, thats the part where bravery comes into play. Now of course the real shame, and what you won't see spoken about is that he couldn't tell too many people ahead of time that he was going because let's face it, the government has more holes in it then a strainer. So for safety's sake he had to keep it quiet from the majority of his cabinent.
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