Saturday, June 10, 2006


Wind energy

So today I was catching up on some news and viewpoints over at and while reading some of the dimmycrat responses to Ann Coulter and Zarqawi, I thought to myself, damn the left should be called "hot air"! Then of course I thought, "if only we could harness the wind outta the mouths of the left for good, we wouldn't need oil!". This made me go research some alternative energy info and I, in (dis)honor of Ted "can't drive 55" Kennedy started with wind power and came across this.

Report: Enough wind offshore to electrify America.

Seems that according to recent study we could generate up to 900,000 megawatts of electricity from offshore wind plants. Now don't get me wrong, I not an eco-nut, nor do I prescribe to Al "created the internet" Gore's viewpoints on global warming. However, recently I have been taking more of an interest in alternative energy, even going so far as to invest in a little company called Distributed Energy to put my money where my mouth is as well as make a little money. Nor am I proposing government mandates on utility companies to get a certain % of their energy from "alternative resources". I believe in free market capitilism and minimal govt interference. However I think that it's time we start looking at more things like this since technology and $70.00+ a barrell oil has leveled the playing field some. I also factor in that with events in the middle east and South America we need to get more energy on our own and less from despots and crackpots.
So, having said all the above I was looking into this wind energy stuff and it looks like there are some great opportunites off the New England coast, specifically up in Cape Cod. There was some press on this that Teddy Kennedy was trying to kill this plan for awhile but even he backed down (though no reports on whether he will sit by the wind farms and increase the output simply by doing his 2nd best thing, orating. [we all know driving is his best thing]). I think that projects like this one are damn good things with oil being so high and it's flow unsteady. Go "google" wind power and look things up, alternative energy isn't just something that tree hugging, tied died, sandal wearing hippies advocate anymore. Hell, if you see a good company that's making a profit on it, invest in it and make some money yourself.

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