Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Where's the UN and the MSM?

Saw this article and after I got done yelling at my computer (it doesn't do any good, but it's better then Dean screaming on the news). Sderot is a town in Israel that is being shellacked every day by missles and I want to know where the hell the outcry is? Where is "Human Rights Watch" decrying it? Where is the UN? Where is the MSM? Christ on a pogo stick, where is our own government? We should be talking about this left and right in the news, and quite frankly our goverment should be telling Israel that we got their back if they want to defend themselves? Could you imagine the shitstorm of biblical proportions if another country was tossing rockets in the US, Russia, China or even England? I was going to say France also, but lets be honest they would of surrendered by now! There should be a UN security council vote on this right away, and when that does absolutely nothing, which we all know that it will. Then Israel should take off the gloves and swing back and hard. It won't take long to clear out some more land there..a few IAF strikes at anything that looks like it belongs to Hamas should get the message across and fast. Israel is rapidly reaching the point where their action or lack thereof is further empowering the child murdering islamist. They need to give a nice cup of STFU to the pali's and now.
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