Wednesday, June 14, 2006



Catchy title eh? The proof is here and here and here! For all the dimmicrats, leftards, and ACLU (Assinine Crazy Lunatics United) card carrying members get too excited I have something to tell you. The title is 100% true, but it's not about terrorists at Gitmo, nor is it another Abu Gharib style issue. It's about the Pendleton 8. 8 servicemen held in shackles, in an 8x8 cell with no charges. They can't even get pens or pencils since they might be weapons! WTF America? We treat murderous thugs in Gitmo better! Where is the press? Where is the outrage? This is an outrageous injustice yet I don't see any, and I mean ANY Senator or Rep on this, yet they can bitch and moan about Gitmo. Seriously, we all need to wake up. Contact your Senators or Rep's and make them earn their money here.
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