Sunday, June 11, 2006


Update on Somalia with a cup of STFU

In an earlier post on Somalia I ended it by saying that the world was waiting to see how the new "government" would handle law, would it sharia or goverment that is based on freedoms? The first signs are in, and well folks it ain't good. They can't even watch World Cup Soccer! I mean seriously, it's a damn soccer match? I could understand if they outlawed American Idol, cause well that show sucks, but soccer? By the way, notice something funny in that article? The fact that it's happening in Mogadishu isn't even mentioned until the 7th paragraph! The article is titled "Two die as Hardline Islamists ban World Cup." If the press was so concerned about freedom etc then it should of read "Hardline Islamic GOVERNMENT bans World cup on TV" or "Crazy extreme government takes away peoples freedoms to watch some TV". Both of those headlines would give more of the truth faster.
Now when the hardline nutcases grabbed control of Mogadishu they said they wouldn't impose "Taliban style law" but rather "We do not want to impose sharia law. We will accept the views of the Somalian People ." However, they then started cutting electricity to movie theatersand fired warning shots into the air over anyone watching frigging soccer! They say it corrupts the children?
Two people were wounded Saturday as the militia, which is controlled by a group of religious court leaders, broke up World Cup viewing parties by firing in the air and cutting electricity to theaters. The vice chairman of the Islamic Courts Union, Sheikh Abdukadir Ali Omar, said that was a way to prevent "corrupting the children in this Muslim community."
WTF, here's a nice hot cup of STFU. How does soccer corrupt children? Now if he said they didn't want their kids growning up to be like english soccer hooligans I might have seen their point. Let me see, hows that saying go? If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it must be a duck? So to if it restricts freedoms and kills people, sounds like the Taliban doesn't it?
Looks like there are some people still fighting look at this article. Also in that article is this statement.
"American concerns are based on misconception," he said. "They used to take information from warlords ... Islamic courts do not harbor foreign terrorists."
Where was the followup questions? Like "Does Somalia's new government reject Al-quaeda terrorism? or "Do you harbor Somalian nationals who have performed acts of terrorism in other countrys?" and this one " What is the governments stand on the Israeli-Palestine war?" I realize that Somalia has had almost 20 years of war there, but the world can not stand still while a new taliban style goverment forms. The African continent is too unstable as it stands now to allow a NEW repressive sharia touting government to form up. Hopefully some people wake up.
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