Friday, June 23, 2006


Treason or money making opportunity?

I've been reading this post over at hot air and I got to disagree with all the people who are saying we should try the NY slimes reporters for treason etc. What we NEED to do is get a class-action lawsuit together. Normally I am against lawsuits being used to solve disagreements, but I think their actions call for it.
Their reporting has become a form of negligence and is putting the lives of every American here and abroad in danger. You see, they want a fight on 1st amendment rights etc. Then the conservative right becomes the "nazi" party (and you know that's one of the moonbats favorite names to call the right). If the Bush admin were to press charges for treason they would gladly sit in jail during the trial, no I think they would DEMAND to sit in jail during the trial, so long as they could write about it.
However, if a class-action civil suit for willful neglience and endangering the life of all American's (I will leave it to someone who speaks legalese to come up with the exact phrase) were put in motion. Now THAT would get their attention. Nothing would speak louder to the MSM then a nice big fat lawsuit. Imagine the dilema of a liberal activist, law making judge. Greater Public Safety vs. MSM? Imagine the public outcry against the MSM when a lawyer stands on the courthouse steps and talks about "How the NY and LA Times put every American life at risk with their carelessness over a legal program".
I think the best thing about that would be the incredible battle that would go on in the MSM, they all love a juicy story and the misery of someone else, especially their peers vs. trying to defend their craft. Now that would be art worthy of an NEA grant.
I COMPLETELY agree with the class-action lawsuit idea. I've been thinking the same thing. Two big goals in my life are to sue the New York Times and to sue the ACLU.
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