Wednesday, June 21, 2006


This almost feels bad but it's not

I saw this over on Hotair today and well I gotta applaud Dallas. Ok, the 4 of you who read my posts know that I am a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan consequently I hate the cowboys and TO. That makes this soo hard to do but, I have to give MAJOR props to the politicians in Dallas, Tx. for this thing right here (go on click it, you know you want to!). Once again local politicians are getting what our federal politico's aren't. Look here for what Hazelton, PA. (NW of Philly) is doing (yeah that's right, Dallas copies a PA town in trying something to crack down on illegal immigrants. It's a damn good thing and we all need to work on our Senator's and Rep's to get with what the people want. You can go here to see what your states reps and senator's have done on immigration.
It's ideas from 2 towns like these that the congress needs to look at and implement into any "comprehensive immigration reform bill". These are the ideas that we, as concerned citizen need to talk about an spread! Start with our own state rep's to get the groundswell going and work on the Congressional idjits at the same time. 2008 isn't that far away, and we need to start looking over the 2004 platform and adjusting it to current world status. Immigration is a large large part of that and needs to be addressed. The person who takes the lead on Immigration and war on the Islamic Jihadist movement gets my vote.
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