Friday, June 16, 2006


Start brewing the pot of STFU

Ok, so Cynthia Mckinney got off, does that truly suprise anyone? Truly, did you expect a politican who hit a cop to be charged? For crying out loud, DC police DROVE KENNEDY HOME AFTER HE WRECKED HIS CAR DRIVING DRUNK. Remember folks, we live in a government by the people and for the people, but not in a country where the government gets judged LIKE the people. Call it the common sense test. It's a test of what should happen based upon what has happened before in similiar situations. In the past government officials have gotten off scott free of everything up to murder and it happened in DC, where the Mayor was caught on tape of buying drugs and using then but then after jail got re-elected. so who using "common sense" would of thought that Mckinney would get charged? Everyone can shut up about Mckinney now and drink a cup of STFU.
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