Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Some updates on Pali-atrocities and the rising Somalian problem

First off, greetings to readers of Atlas Shrugs and those readers from the Pirate Armada, welcome aboard mateys! Not much time this morning but saw a few articles and wanted to let people know about them since they relate to my previous posts on Somalia and Sderot.

I also wanted to give a nice cup of STFU to the New York Times because I saw this article that legally and logically rips apart their defense of "constitutional rights" to publish security leaks. Here's a part of it that I really loved.
What is meant by the liberty of the press is, that there should be no antecedent restraint upon it; but that every author is responsible when he attacks the security or welfare of the government, or the safety, character, and property of the individual.
Thats a quote from James Wilson, one of the founding fathers and a member of the original Supreme Court. I would venture to say that this guy understood what the founding fathers meant, since he was one, on freedom of the press! New York Slimes..enjoy the cup of STFU.

Now for Sderot and the palianimals, which the MSM is ignoring or worse yet when they do report libeling the IDF. First look this over, it's from which from all the articles by them I've read is pretty non-partisan and just looks at things from the viewpoints of security, analysis and terrorism. Here's the last paragraph from that article that is so telling in it's simplicity.
All the while, the incessant unguided rocket attacks into Israeli villages and on Israeli civilians near Gaza — 38 alone in a 24-hour period Tuesday — are eclipsed by media coverage of the Israeli responses that are an almost desperate attempt to stop them.
This article tears apart the claim by the pali's that the IDF was responsible for the deaths of the people on the beach. Here's a few key points
* The shrapnel. Three people wounded in the blast are now hospitalized in Israel. Shrapnel was apparently removed from their bodies, and this is likely to reinforce the conclusion that the explosion was caused by a bomb rather than a shell.
* The crater. Based on photographs, the crater left on the beach by the blast seems to have been made by an explosion from below (a mine), not a hit from above (a shell).
* Intelligence. Israel has amassed considerable information indicating that over the past few weeks, ever since Israeli commandos infiltrated Gaza and killed a rocket-launching cell, Hamas has been systematically mining the northern Gaza beach in an attempt to keep Israeli commandos from landing there again.

I have to ask, yet again, where is the public outcry over Sderot? Where is the UN, CNN and the rest of the MSM. I also have to ask, what are the Israel Defense Forces waiting on? I am a firm believer that any Democraticly elected government has ONE MAIN job and that is the defense of it's citizens. To hell with world opinion, every nation has the right to defend itself. I would say that 38 missles fired into your nation in a 24 hour period gives your country the not only the RIGHT but the DUTY to send a nice hot cup of STFU back at the aggressors.

Now for Somalia. Lets think about this. The continent of Africa is already an oozing cesspool of diseases, famine, and despots. It's the continent that has brought us Darfur and the incidents of "Blackhawk Down". The United States never had a major terroristic strike on our soil UNTIL Al-Qaeda found a safe haven in Afghanistan. Now we have Somalia and the talibanization of that country. Seriously folks, they couldn't watch an effing soccer game! People died because they wanted to watch it! Now if that doesn't just scream to you that Somalia is a taliban waiting to happen then you are truly blind. There is some hope in Somalia, once again thanks to The hope is a breakaway "statelet" called Somaliland. Too often America is like a large ship, slow to turn. We can not simply wait until the situation in Mogadishu becames the African Taliban to act.

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