Sunday, June 18, 2006


Some quick hits

Ok, last night was a late night, but for the 4 people who read my blog on a regular basis I would be remiss if I posted nothing so here we go.
This means at times we will be faced with the need to go on an offensive, and since we are fighting, not on a field of battle, but rather in the wasteland that is the media, we need to do things to be able to take the "field". That's what Coulter did by using that rhetoric, she forced herself onto the field(main stream tv) more then she usually is. The only way to challenge the "infallibility of the victim" was to challenge the "victim" themselves in such a way that it could not be ignored. I leave you with this thought on the subject, how can you have rules in war when only 1 side obeys them?

Ann Coulter fun fact #317: Ann Coulter was the original choice for the part of Hedwig in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"; they changed their minds, however, and went with John Cameron Mitchell, after the original test audience unanimously recommended they change the word "Inch" in the title to "Foot and a Half".
Ann Coulter fun fact #238: Stephen King wrote children's books before briefly dating Ann Coulter in the early seventies. "Carrie" is loosely based on their second date.
Ann Coulter fun fact #177: If a mother tells her child to finish supper or the boogeyman will get him, the child finishes supper. If she replaces the word "boogeyman" with "Ann Coulter" the child eats the plate too, just to be safe.
Ann Coulter fun fact #146: In her spare time, Ann Coulter sneaks into childrens' homes and replaces their Monopoly game "Get out of jail free" cards with "Go to Hell free" cards.
Ann Coulter fun fact #1 She's right and your inane comments have done nothing to convince anyone that she's wrong. Hate her all you like (I think she likes it) but she dropped the liberal policy of victim infallibity on it's head.
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