Sunday, June 04, 2006


Should we worry more about South America?

Saw this and wanted to update my previous post. Seems Garcia won, thank God (am I allowed to say that without the ACLU coming after me?). There might be hope for the southern continent yet.

Today I was reading this article and started thinking about the continent to the south of us and what the geo-political mess down there means for the United States. Too often we think of South America and we think of Mexico (Mexico is really part of North America) and the immigration problem. Occasionally we may think of Chavez and Venezuela when he does or says something nutty, but I think we are so focused on Iraq and the war on terror that we are missing some things down there that should be of great interest to us. First lets take a look at Chavez and what he's been doing lately.
All in all, we could look at this as just the rantings of another South American dictator and ignore his rantins, but if we do that I think we are really missing a much larger potential issue. Let's look at Chavez's neighbor and fellow socialist, Evo Morales. He went ahead recently and nationalized Bolivias national gas industry. However, Morales was really nice about it, he gave all the companies that spent millions down there 6 months to renegotiate with Bolivia before he just takes it away from them and he allows them to keep 18% of what they produce instead of the earlier agreed on 50% (swell guy isn't he?). What's also worrisome is this comment by Morales.
Morales said the gas fields were "just the beginning, because tomorrow it will be the mines, the forest resources and the land"
When you look at the map of South America, and factor in the amount of gas and oil reserves between the 2 countries you are faced with a potential for a very scary situation. Luckily others have seen this too and we can only hope that while our Governments attention is on the middle east we don't lose focus on areas much closer to home.

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Now couple all this with the estimated 11million illegal aliens in our country (most in south western states), the Atzlan/MECHa/Reconquista movement. Mexico advising people on how to sneak into the country, and our Senates weak attempts at an immigration/border control bill and you have a larger picture of what could be a real messy situation on our southern borders.

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