Friday, June 09, 2006


Shock and Awe-counter terrorism style

40 more raids on the Zarqawi network, looks like that treasure trove of info is really being used!

Ok, so unless you've been living under a rock you know that our boys introduced al-Zarqawi the other day to the business end of 2 500lb bombs. Oh snap, I forgot, al-Zawahri has been living under a rock and sent out this statement praising Zarqi. Well what also is going on is the counter-terrorism version of shock and awe. Here's some other raids etc going on that you might not know about if you drink from the fountain of MSM.

These are just the things out there in the news now. You can darn well bet that there are other things cooking that won't be talked about until they are done. All in all some very real and positive movement in Iraq that goes in hand with their completing the appointments of the final minister positions. Of course some of the more unhinged dimmicrats and others out there in the press are already trying to lessen the impacts of these developments.
There are also talking heads all over the place saying that this isn't going to change much. Seriously Zarqawi was turned in by his own people, Iraqi's were dancing in the streets, and we conducted a buttload of other raids in conjunction with this cracking down on cells. Also Iraqi forces are conducting more and more raids on their own. This is all good, no change that, great news! There is a conspiracy going on out there, but it's not a right wing one like you might hear about but rather one by the left and the main stream press to portray things in the most negative light possible. Don Henley was right about Dirty laundry sells.
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