Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Say what part duh

Ok, there's an election going on in California today. The election has some dude named Brian Bilbray going against Francine Busby. Normally this isn't something I would be blogging about but the simple fact that Busby was caught on tape telling illegal immigrants they “You don't need papers for voting.” and that she's still in the running boggles my mind more then trying to figure out if John Kerry voted for something or didn't vote for something! I mean seriously, can you imagine the manic moonbat moans that would be coming outta the left if say, Frist said that? Imagine Jeb Bush telling people that during an election, it would of been headline news across the world. What the hell is in the water out there and can we bottle it? Either the dimmicrats are so confident that they can win no matter what that they can randomly try to encourage voter fraud, or they just think Californians are stupid. Some were saying this election would be a referendum on the Republicans..but I think that if Busby wins it's more of a referendum on California voters.

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