Tuesday, June 20, 2006


A quick post, more to come later

Ok, just a quick vent post on something called "personal responsibility". Where the heck has it gone? Everything is a disease, affliction, or someone elses fault. What brought this on (the 4 of you who read this might ask?) is somethings like this.
Every day we all see in the news how, some crime etc was someone elses fault. Look at Cynthia Mckinney and Patrick Kennedy. Both blamed their crimes on someone else, Mckinney on a cop doing his JOB (you know that thing that democrats don't want you to have so you can be on welfare) and Kennedy on "ambien use and having an addiction". What should of happened is Mckinney apologizing, and at the least getting community services working at FOP fundraisers and Kennedy losing his license and doing a little bit of time. Both share the personal responsibility of not knowing when to have a large cup of STFU.
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