Monday, June 12, 2006


Let's see Katie Couric do this!

Lot of people bash Fox News for being conservative etc (really they are centrist but the rest of the media is so far left that Fox gets tagged as right wing). Whatever your view point on Fox News or the rest of the media, I can damn well tell you that you will never see Katie Couric or any of the folks at CNN go right back after this nut bag (video here) like Julie Banderas did. ***Hat tip to Atlas Shrugged for posting it check her page out!***
To give some background here. The Westboro Baptist church is the home of Fred Phelps and his degenerate pack of inbreds worthy of casting in any Texas Chainsaw movie. These are the disgusting scumbags who go to military funerals and protest the dead soldier and his/her family calling "fag lovers" etc. IMO there is no pit in hell deep enough for these inbred toothless piss poor excuses for human beings. Nice to see someone in the news go right back after them and slam them like deserve it. More and more people are taking note of this hideous form of protest and are standing up to them. The most notable group working against them are the Patriot Guard Riders, go to their page and if you can do what you can to support them!
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