Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Here's a nice hot cup of STFU

Ok got some time to kill this morning before heading out to work so I did some reading of different blogs and articles while drinking my morning coffee. After reading some things I wanted to offer a nice hot cop of STFU to some people. Here's some recipients:
  1. The Main Stream Media. I saw this article and it called some things to my attention that I hadn't really noticed. Sammon's proves something I've been saying for awhile. Bush is doing a much better job and getting more done then the press gives him credit for and while I don't agree with him on immigration he's not getting any credit. History will remember him better then he's portrayed now provided the assault on higher education by the moonbats is repelled.
  2. Talk about "culture of corruption". This is the guy who started bitching about Bush bringing back the draft while HE was the one who proposed the bill. Now he's sucking at Castro's teat? On a side note, Atlas is hot, smart and a damn good blogger she's a must read imho.
  3. Thank god there is still some sense in California. Bilbray won in Cali. This is the race I blogged about the other day where the Dimmycrat contender was telling people they didn't need to be legal to vote. Of course the press is saying it's a narrow victory but the way I look at it is this, Bilbray won by 5% and there was 5% also going to someone from the Minutemen.
  4. Gay marriage. A lot of people have been saying this really isn't an issue to most Americans (and I was starting to believe them) but I came across this article ( and this one) that shows that a hell of a lot more people care about it then you would think. Personally I don't care and would be fine with it, but then I also think polygamy should be legal and I'm not even a mormon or really religous!
  5. Once again the press decides to smear/slant things. Maybe they should get a pot of STFU at this rate. Read this piece by Michelle Malkin. Yeah thats right another conservative hottie.
  6. Where the hell are the reports of daily rocket attacks at Israel? Personally I feel we need to take the handcuffs off Israel and let them do what they need to do to defend their country. God knows if someone was shooting rockets over our border all the time we would be responding pretty damn fast and harsh towards the aggressor.

Thats about all right now. Flame away, agree, or just say hi. No matter what open your eyes to what's going on out there. Evil wins when good men stand by and do nothing.
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