Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Google in cahoots with the Jihad and communists?

Before you start saying I am crazy let's take a look at some things here. First I refer you to one of the right's Godess bloggers, Atlas Shrugs here and then I refer you to this article , and this one, another one, and finally googles own search for "google censors news".

Let's break this down some (hey google, I own some stock, don't censor my site k?)
This site that google accepts as news is clearly anti-semitic and directly contradicts all the news carried on other "news sites" (I put it in "" because imo CNN and Reuters aren't really news sites). The Manar "news article" came out on 6-14 saying "Israel admits responsibility for the killing of eight Palestinian citizens in Gaza", yet Israel denies it was them shelling the palis here and here a day before. So basically google news is now endorsing as a "news site" a page that throughly goes against all the news published a day earlier! Let's dig a little deeper here. The Manar site screams the headlines saying the Israel admits their responsibility, yet look at this paragraph in the actual article
Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman, MARK REGEV said "We can only speculate and there's not enough information it's possible that we have unexploded ornaments in that area, either Palestinian or Israeli it's possible that it's mines that were planted there by Hamas to prevent Israeli military operations in the area, but that's speculation, we don't have enough evidence yet. What we can say is that the Israeli army was not responsible for that terrible tragedy."
notice anything? Thats right, Manar screams a headline claiming the Israelis admit it then puts down in the article that they are denying responsibility! WTF is this writer trying to get a job at CNN? Also when you read the Manar article it makes it look like Garlasco is totally convinced that it was Israel's fault. Yet look at this article from the day before and this quote.
But he said that even with this available evidence, some doubt remains.
"From what we know so far, it is very difficult to say with certainty whether it was dropped by Israel or laid by militants."
Ok now lets look at some of the other googleazi crap they do. Look at this article, and this article . Once again WTF! So it's ok to list Wonkette in the news when that page makes racial slurs to Michelle Malkin but if you're conservative or you post against the Islamonazi's trying to destroy Western Civilization and impose Sharia law you can't be considered news? I would post more, but Big Googlebrother might be watching.

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