Thursday, June 08, 2006


Ann Coulter and the victim spokepeople

Ok, if you aren't up to speed on this then where have you been? Her new book is out now and in it Coulter took a shot in a way only she can at some of the widows from 9-11 (among other things/groups she took shots at). I'm really torn here. I so TOTALLY get the message she's trying to put out there yet I worry about the tone drowning out the message. Look here for her interview with Matt Lauer.
I do see her point, the liberal left has been throwing up these spokespeople for their "cause" that are victims. They expect us to not combat them, to not criticize them because they lost someone and that the loss makes them above reproach and immune from criticism. Seriously folks, think about this, the BIGGEST bashers that the left has been trotting out over the last few years are
  1. Cindy Sheehan
  2. The "jersey girls" shilling for Kerry yeah this particular group of 9-11 widows
  3. Dick Murtha-marines are guilty cause I say so.
  4. Another Sheehan link cause she really pisses me off.

How come Howard Dean isn't all over the airwaves saying things exactly like these people are, what about Kerry or Kennedy? They don't because when push comes to shove they can't defend their positions, but they have these mouth pieces do it in hopes that we won't critique what they say due to their "victim status". I so totally get Coulters point. She's sick and tired of people not being able to say something about what these mouthpieces say because of some tragedy. Coulter is totally right about that. It's time that people stand up and say "Ok you lost someone, sorry for your loss, but that makes you a foreign policy specialist deserving to be on national TV how?". Seriously, I lost someone in 911 where's my shot on Hardball with Mathews? The fact that these people lost someone in the war or in 911 doesn't make their opinion any more sacrosanct then yours/mine or any other American citizen. We all have the right to critique and question their comments and motives.

However, having said all that I have to wonder if Coulter didn't go overboard with the rhetoric? I have such torn feelings on this. Maybe she was saying it the way she did so that she would get on more TV shows and in more newspapers to push these very important points to a wider audience? Maybe she was especially acidic just to sell more books? Hell maybe she hopes the controversy will generate more interest and more people will wake up to the "Culture of Victimization" that the democrats espouse?

I think that from what I have seen and read that she makes a lot of good points in this book and I will buy it (Hey Ann, if you read this send me a signed copy!!). I just hope that all the rhetoric doesn't drown out her message. Flame away, comment or just go click some of the links to people much wiser then I.
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