Sunday, May 28, 2006


Sometimes you gotta take matters into your own hands

Just read this, and I've got to say I'm impressed. The Minutemen are not only talking the talk but they are walking the walk. Illegal immigration is one of the biggest challenges to the long term health of our country facing us today. In an article from 2004 the costs were 10.5 billion in California alone!

Some would say this is just people crying wolf and that it's really a battle between "hard line conservatives" and "compasionate conservatives".
It's a much bigger issue then pitting hard liners vs. compassionate people and it's affecting alot more then just the southwestern states. People need to wake up to some of the underlying issues surrounding the immigration problem.

  1. Massive drain on our healthcare system.
  2. Wage deflation, there are no jobs that American's won't do, only wages we won't work for.
  3. Security issues, both terrorism related and the idea that if we grant people a free pass on breaking the law once they are more willing to do it again.
  4. Reconquista or Aztlan The land in question isn't some worthless stretch of land, but rather California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas! Sure, we spend trillions of dollars building it up and then we will give it back to you! These lands are so important to the well being of the USA that it staggers the mind. We are talking about our western ports, oil fields, and an incredible amount of food production.

What's causing all of this? Well, simply put it's effective and INEFFECTIVE political leadership.
The effective leadership is being done by Vicente Fox who realizes his country is cannot support all of it's population (10% of Mexico's population has illegally immigrated into our country). He has gone so far as to have the Mexican government help people on their breaking and entering in the country. The ineffective leadership is being done by our own United States Senate. The Senate bill is a travesty, it is basically an amnesty bill for 10 million or so criminals who have broken into our country, stolen identities, and some have secret plans to try to take over key pieces of our nation. I think on this weekend that we are honoring our veterans we have to take a moment to think about folks like the Minutemen who are trying to also protect the freedoms and values that have made our country so great.
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