Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Just some random rants

I was just making the rounds to some different websites and have a few random rants here.'tB.eSerious news report. So the intrepid reporters at CBS have come up with a new groundbreaking report! These are the same people that brought you MemoGate and lessons in headline altering. Now we have a reporter wondering why their aren't "more protests" to the war in Iraq? I think there is plenty of protests going on about the war. What we aren't seeing is more protesting of the behadings, tortures in Syria of Kurds, or fake rape photos to infuriate the people in the middle east? Where's the 24/7 press coverage of people being killed because they showed a damn cartoon of Mohemmad? Here are the cartoons. It's funny how the press will scream about freedom of the press, and freedom of speech unless they risk inflaming Islam and it's religion of peace culture. It's really funny that the largest media outlet railing against the entire cartoon furor was south park and Comedy Central editted that (tho not the shots of Jesus shitting on everyone). Isn't it ironic that freedom of the press and speech only relates to bashing christianity and republicans, try bashing Islam and see what happens in the news.

This is a program I can get behind, and in fact will be utilizing to make Arlen Specter realize my discontent with his support of amnesty. It really get my blood boiling the more I read about the senate's plan on immigration and it makes me envious of the good people of Alabama and their Senator Jeff Sessions (his grades on immigration).

Oh yeah, cross reuter's off the list of "unbiased media". I'm sure they won't report this.

That's all the rants for right now, but I'm sure there will be more to come.

Just an update on the cartoons. Here's a link to an article on the guy who decided to publish the cartoons.
Does CBS actually try and say they're unbiased anymore? This DOlly chick is just great. I want her to do more articles!
I think CBS has just about dropped all pretense of being unbiased, which is fine, just admit it and say they are the left leaning moonbeam riding "news" station of choice. Hell their ratings might go up!
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